Abel Discovery Set

As Spring slowly edges closer, we’re looking forward to putting a fresh spin on some of our most trusted beauty products. As a new season beckons, there’s nowhere more evocative to start than with a beautiful new fragrance. Last year saw the launch of 100% natural perfume brand Abel on Glasshouse Shop - we debuted three hand-crafted scents that use all-natural ingredients sourced from far and wide. Abel is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based, New Zealand-born, former winemaker Frances Shoemack and is named after Abel Tasman - the first European to discover Frances’ home country in 1642. Non-synthetic and created using mostly certified organic raw ingredients, each scent is designed to evolve on the skin throughout the day - whilst helping care for the earth, your skin and the people around you.

We love Abel’s philosophy and are delighted to introduce their neatly-packaged Discovery Set. If you’re keen to try all of Abel’s five signature perfumes, then this set is ideal - containing 1.5ml samples for spritzing, smelling and layering. The clever slotted box is perfect as a gift (or a self-gift) for anyone interested in natural perfume and keen to learn more. Interestingly, research is beginning to emerge about the impact of traditional perfumes. Ingredients such as synthetic musk (which, according to Abel, is used in 99% of perfumes) has shown to ‘bioaccumulate in the food chain, impacting our oceans, aquatic life and people”. In fact, Abel source their very own natural musk from the seed of a hibiscus flower - so all the sweet-smelling benefits without the eco-damage. Impressive.

The Abel Discovery Set contains 5 fragrances:

  • Grey Labdanum - an edgy, dark and oriental scent.
  • Cobalt Amber - a chic, sultry, oriental scent.
  • Red Santal - a warm, spicy and woody scent.
  • Golden Neroli - a rich, romantic and floral scent.
  • White Vetiver - a fresh, cool and woody scent.

Shop the Discovery Set on Glasshouse Shop.

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