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It’s no secret that we’re big purveyors of the pared-back approach when it comes to beauty, and it’s always great to find a brand who replicate our ethos. Enter, Clean Beauty Co. The brainchild of Elsie and Dominika, Clean Beauty Co started life as a collection of homemade beauty recipes published online by the girls. Think DIY scrubs and hair masks. With a huge following, the duo decided to bring their recipes to life with a full range of their most high-performing products, and they’ve just released a DIY beauty recipe book which we’re so excited to be stocking - have a peek at the cover below.

We’ve been following Elsie and Dominika from the start and can’t help but admire their use of just a handful of plant-based ingredients per product and beautiful scents to boot. Launching exclusively online at Glasshouse Shop, Clean Beauty Co’s collection is for girls, boys, natural beauty addicts and anyone who cares about what they’re putting on the skin.

Plus, their gift sets make the perfect pampering present. Whether it’s a duo of mini bath soaks or a sleek men’s grooming kit, they’ve got gift shopping covered.

Read below for our rundown of the Clean Beauty Co collection

Well Earned Soak + Coconut Dreaming

Soak into bath time glory with Clean Beauty Co’s duo of bath salts and soaks. Like it says on the tin, Well Earned Soak is designed for tired bodies and stressful days. Formulated with magnesium sulphate, these glistening salts will ease out the aches and pains when scattered in hot water. For a creamier, tropical-scented bath experience, Coconut Dreaming will get skin feeling silky soft in no time. Available separately in 500g jars, or as a duo in two 250g sizes as part of their Mini Soak Set.

Close Shave + Beard Tamer

Not just catering for girls, Clean Beauty Co have two men’s products for natural-based grooming. Close Shave is a post-shave oil that’s designed to sooth razor rash and give a good dose of much-needed hydration. Ideal for even the most sensitive of skins, a squeeze of this after shaving will leave skin feeling soft and irritation-free. And for the bearded among us, Beard Tamer is packed with argan, wheatgerm and almond oil and will tame even the most unruly of beards.

Both these products are also available as a duo in Clean Beauty Co’s Men’s Grooming Set.


Avoid greasiness and nourish dry, damaged, frizzy (and practically any) hair with Nutter - a hair oil formulated with macadamia oil and high in hair-softening Vitamin E. Apply liberally to damp hair, lie back and let it work its 100% natural magic.

Rosy Glow

Just like its name, this elixir oil is perfect for tired and stressed skin and will give you a youthful, rosy glow. Bring it back to life and vitality with a super hydrating oil packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. As for the subtle rose and geranium scent, you can thank us later.

Shop Clean Beauty Co exclusively online.

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