Introducing: Dani Kenney

We’re lucky enough to meet so many mums and mums-to-be in the salon - including our very own director Olivia. So this makes us doubly excited for our brand new product line launch. Dani Kenney is a California-native, a mum herself and the founder of her range of beautifully natural baby and skin products, which we’re proud to introduce!

After struggling to find gentle, plant-based products to use whilst pregnant and with a small baby, Dani combined her passion for wellness and sustainability into a business - and a self-titled line of products followed.

“I noticed that, while I had all of these lovely natural skincare products, some of them had essential oils or ingredients that were questionable or not safe for pregnancy.” says Dani, “Plants are very powerful and most pregnant women would have no idea that jasmine, for example, while one of my favourite scents, is a little risky to use during pregnancy because it can cause contractions.”

Dani set about making the products herself, which include everything from bum balms to stretch mark lotions.

Bum Balm

Mild and gentle, this balm is perfect for baby’s bum - and all manner of rash or irritation. Soothing shea and chamomile combine for the ultimate in calmness! Dani also keeps a jar in her handbag as an on-the-go moisturiser…

Beautiful Belly

This was the product that started the whole line off for Dani - as she couldn’t find a natural alternative on the market. “It has such good nutrients for the skin” says Dani, and you can’t argue with the blend of pregnancy-safe organic ingredients, such as coconut and avocado oil. It’s also rich and nourishing enough to use as a moisturiser or night mask.

Peace Powder

Thought a natural baby powder couldn’t exist? This formula is made with arrowroot and ground flowers for a fresh, simple powder that can be applied liberally to baby’s skin.

Soft Suds

Dani suggests that this can be used as a baby shampoo, body wash and even on your dishes. Unlike most baby shampoos, this is formulated with oil-based soaps that cleanse without stripping the skin, therefore retaining all those good oils!

Wound Warrior

A saviour for rashes, bug bites or any other irritations - helping heal them without any harmful chemicals. The blend of aloe vera and alcohol-free witch hazel mean it’s perfect for using as a toner to target blemishes too.

Vajay Spray

Dani cites this postpartum spray as a can’t-live-without in those weeks after delivery, “It’s so soothing” she says, “I blended essential oil hydrosols based on ancient Native American healing wisdom, and threw in aloe and other soothing plants for relief as well. I used an entire bottle in my postpartum healing, and not a drop wasted”.

Shop the entire Dani Kenney range here.

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