Guy Morgan Apothecary

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When it comes to skincare, we’re fans of products that champion carefully chosen natural ingredients and simple, pared-back formulas. Guy Morgan Apothecary’s tightly edited collection doesn’t go in for superfluous filler ingredients, and is all the more effective for it.

Founded in 2015 and handmade in East London, Guy Morgan Apothecary specialises in organic natural products to care for skin, hair and body, and was created by Guy as a personal mission to find a natural alternative to great skin, after having tried numerous standard chemical solutions and seeing negative results.

Consisting of two oils, three face masks and a Himalayan salt bath soak, the Guy Morgan range has a product to address any skin concern from dehydration to acne to sensitive skin.

In the face masks you’ll find ingredients like Kaolin clay, suitable for sensitive skin, activated coconut charcoal for it’s ability to draw out toxins, pumice powder to exfoliate or powdered marshmallow root for a moisture boost.

The Salem Rose oil is a nail and cuticle saviour, formulated with a base of organic sweet almond, jojoba, and coconut oils, while the Black Thorn Facial Oil contains red raspberry seed oil for its natural UVA & UVB protection, and organic blackthorn extract to enhance skin’s elasticity.

Shop the collection here.

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