Guy Morgan Clay Mask Sachets

​When it comes to face masks, we’re of the opinion that there’s never a bad time to do one. Enter Guy Morgan’s latest release, travel and purse-friendly sachets of his three classic clay masks. Perfect for gifting or if you’re going away and want to pack light, each mask pack comes as three sealed foil sachets encased in translucent card outer packaging - simply add water to the powder and let the masking begin.

White Marble Exfoliating Mask
A gently exfoliating clay face mask and scrub, rejuvenates skin cells and helps restore skins elasticity. This water-activated clay mask and scrub exfoliates dead skin cells with fine marble powder, ideal for sensitive skin. Indian Lilacs high anti-oxidant compounds defends the skin from damaging free radicals.

Himalayan Salt Hydrating Mask
An intensely hydrating clay face mask, developed for sensitive and dry skin. This water-activated clay mask hydrates and protects your skin using powdered Althaea root, drawing out dead skin and bacteria. Gentle French Red Clay cleanses the skin and promotes blood circulation, facilitating healing to skin conditions.

Midnight Black Cleansing mask
A deep cleansing clay face mask, to hydrate and brighten all skin types. This water-activated clay mask deliveries intense cleansing, drawing out toxins and excess sebum by negative electrical attraction. Its anti-bacterial & inflammatory qualities make it ideal for fighting off acne and reducing redness.

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