Honest to Goodness

We love adding to our arsenal of skincare and lifestyle brands, and think we’ve hit the jackpot with our newest recruit: Honest is a Birmingham-based natural skincare brand created by holistic beauty mastermind Katie Fisher. Despite excelling in skincare, Honest has more than one trick up its sleeve - the range also includes a number of products for the home, such as room sprays, candles and hand washes. The philosophy behind Honest came through Katie’s profession as a holistic therapist. Twelve years in, she became tired of the products used in her treatments and the effects they had on her clients’ skin. Believing that a nourishing, natural alternative could provide the solution, Honest was born.

When it comes to combining beautifully pared-back packaging and carefully sourced natural ingredients, Honest know the score - each concoction is lovingly packaged in sustainable, amber glass jars and bottles, and handmade in small batches in Katie’s workshop to ensure the highest possible quality. Their refreshingly straightforward stance is encompassed by Katie’s mission statement: “Holistic approach, Organic food for the skin, Natural with no chemicals, Ethical packaging, Simple ingredients and true to all.”

Honest are wizards of scent: their ambient room sprays have been a particularly unexpected hit in the salon, and are a great introduction to the whole line. Candles are made with soy wax - a natural and renewable alternative to regular paraffin waxes, with a longer burn time to boot. Katie creates specially-selected scents, whether it’s citrusy yuzu, sweet black cardamom or fresh cedar and pine, the fragrances (primarily in the home scents and candles) are all cleverly combined, unique and entirely harnessed from nature.

Image and above image: Handover Agency
Image and above image: Handover Agency

Katie believes that “Sometimes the most beautiful things are the simplest” and this is certainly true when it comes to Honest’s fuss-free skincare ranges. At Glasshouse, we stock the Nourishing Face Cream - a rich moisturiser packed with deeply nourishing ingredients, such as borage seed oil (to rejuvenate older skin) and red raspberry seed oil (known as nature’s finest antioxidant). We’re also totally won over by the silkyCalming Cleansing Cream. Unlike most cleansers, this is a cream consistency and perfume-free, so it’s far gentler on skin, as well as being packed with Vitamin E. Use with a linen scrim and a hot compress for a complete complexion overhaul.

In addition to their high-performance skincare products, Honest are purveyors of marvellous soaps. As strong advocates of the detoxifying wonder-properties of charcoal, we’re especially excited about their excellent charcoal soap which can be used on the face as well as other areas of the body, to achieve clearer, healthier skin all over.

We’re huge fans of the Honest brand, particularly because their sustainable, cruelty-free stance is so in line with our own. Katie’s grassroots approach ensures that the brand’s philosophy is at the forefront of everything they do, so we’re certain you’ll love it as much as us - honest!

Shop Honest Skincare here.

Words: Lauren O’Neill

Image and above image: Honest Skincare
Image and above image: Honest Skincare

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