New Additions: Dani Kenney

Shop the Dani Kenney range here.

We first introduced Dani Kenney’s line of natural, lovingly made mama and baby products to Glasshouse back in September - and a couple of months on, we have a few new additions. Expect the same handpicked, organic ingredients and beautiful scents, but this time Dani has created a unique range of multipurpose products for the home and body.

For busy first time mums, effective products with double the purpose can be a lifesaver. In fact, for anyone multi-function is the way forward. Her Ashram and Canyon Soap can be used both as a shower and bath gel, and a washing up liquid for your dishes. The gentle, plant-based ingredients offer lots of lather, nourishment and delicate fragrance.

And her Clearing Space spray is a unique household product that is formulated without any of the harsh chemicals and toxins you come to expect in cleaning products. This botanical spray can be used on everything - from wood to leather, carpet to countertops - it’s also particularly effective for baby changing mats and completely safe to use. Plus, the aloe vera, patchouli and lavender also make it a joy for your home.

As the UK’s only stockist for Dani Kenney, we’re super happy we can bring these Californian-inspired products across the pond. Shop the entire range here.

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