Soap and Water

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Somewhere between gels, foams, exfoliators and balms we’ve lost the art of good old fashioned soap and water. What could be more therapeutic than working a softly scented bar of soap into a foamy lather?

We’re bringing back the soap bar with a little help from our friends over at Honest Skincare and their nourishing cubes. Soap has a bad rep of artificial perfumes and harsh, skin-stripping ingredients, but Honest have bucked the trend with their simple soaps made only with beautiful natural ingredients. Hoorah!

Each come carefully hand packaged in an individual muslin wrap, ideal for unravelling and working gently into the skin under a hot shower. With three different varieties available on Glasshouse Shop, you’ll find a scent and a flavour combo suited to your skin.


A natural purifier, charcoal is known for its detoxifying properties. Used on the skin, it has a range of benefits from increasing skin clarification to reducing pores. This soap is particularly effective for a deep cleanse both on the face and body, as well as being great to use when shaving - it’ll foam just enough and leave skin feeling soft.

Olive and Shea

Softening shea is combined with olive for a gentle savoury scent with a hint of nuttiness. This is a great all-rounder soap, suitable for all skin types and it works into a creamy lather. Shea is particularly moisturising, so this is great soapy option if you’re after a hydration boost.

Cedar and Pine

If a woody, earthy fragrance is what you’re after then this handmade soap will provide it. Soften the creamy coloured bar with water for a comforting washing experience.

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