’Tis the season of hot drinks and right now at Glasshouse you’re unlikely to find us without a steaming cup of tea from Teatox. Made in Germany, Teatox offer a completely organic range of tea detox products with benefits ranging from supporting skin’s regenerative processes to boosting the immune system. And what could be easier than simply replacing (or supplementing) your daily cups of tea or coffee with something equally as refreshing, and just a little bit better for you?

Each tea has a different and specially formulated mix of ingredients to address different needs, and can also be brewed and chilled for delicious iced-tea in the summertime.

Amongst our favourite products in the range are the Skinny Teatox treatment teas, and the Pure Beauty tea, both of which you can find on Glasshouse Shop. Skinny Teatox is a 14 day plan with a morning and evening component, designed to aid weight loss. The morning blend is an energising mix featuring green tea sencha, lemongrass and goji berries, whilst the evening tea contains gentle elderflower and hibiscus, as well as peppermint to encourage healthy digestion. Helpfully, both teas were specially formulated using the suggestions and advice of nutritionists, alternative practitioners and tea experts in order to guarantee positive lasting effects.

Pure Beauty incorporates citrus flavours and ginger, and is intended to assist the natural rejuvenation of the skin cells due to the combination of white tea with olive leaves, essentially working from the inside-out. It also supports natural purging, ensuring that you’re rid of any nasty toxins that could potentially be bringing you down. Other teas in the range include the caffeinated Energy Matcha tea, rich in anti-oxidants and Daily Balance, which contributes to everyday wellbeing.

If you’re looking to detox or simply love delicious loose leaf tea, we think there’s a Teatox blend for everyone - and you can try the teas out for yourself, as our in-salon tea menu includes the full range, so make sure you give it a try during your next appointment!

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