Winter Candles

As we progress through the thick of winter, it’s the little things that help us get cosy this time of year. No chilly evening would be complete without a homemade candle by Honest. Produced by hand in small batches in Birmingham, these natural candles can’t be beaten - and with a couple of new scents on offer for the season, we suggest getting the box of matches out now and filling your house with fragrance.

Autumn Fig

The woody scent of this candle will bring all the peace and tranquility you need, conjuring a mood of wintertime cosiness. Anise and vetiver combine for an earthy fragrance that helps calm the mind and instil a feeling of relaxation over any indoor space.

Dark Patchouli

An equally as cosy-making scent, this Dark Patchouli candle has a beautiful, warming scent that’s soothing and restorative. Fragrant clove relaxes the mind and notes of orange offer a zesty scent - perfect for perking up January.

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