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Dani Kenney Vajay Spray 110ml Dani Kenney Vajay Spray 110ml

    Dani Kenney Vajay Spray 110ml

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    • Description

      A soothing postpartum spray, ideal for your nether regions after delivery. This natural formula is safe to use, even for tearing, and will help ease pain and recovery. Certified organic plant-based ingredients combine to create a spray which is mild and effective. Alcohol-free witch hazel, chamomile and comfrey all give calming relief and this product can also double as a skin soother for all types of skin concerns, as well as a daily toner.

      This product comes packaged in an amber glass bottle with a spray nozzle. All Dani Kenney products come in an individual drawstring muslin bag.

      Certified Organic Ingredients / Vegan / Cruelty Free / Gluten Free

    • Brand

      Dani Kenney is a California-native, mum and the founder of her range of natural skin and baby products, Dani Kenney. When Dani became pregnant, she felt there was a gap in the market for gentle, effective baby products with safe and natural ingredients. Feeling inspired, she set to create a line of products packed full of certified organic ingredients which are safe to use during pregnancy and after the first trimester - and many are safe in all trimesters. Her natural products are simple and beautiful - tackling a whole host of common concerns such as nappy rash and cradle cap. Packaged and created sustainably by hand, Dani’s passion for wellness and her experience as a mother have come together in this unique range.

    • Directions

      Spray between 1 and 3 sprays onto the afflicted area. A little goes a long way with this product! For external use only.

    • Ingredients

      Aloe Vera Hydrosol Water (aloe barbadensis)*, Plantain Leaf Hydrosol Water (plantago major)*, Calendula Flowers Hydrosol Water (calendula officinalis)*, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel Hydrosol Water (hamamelis virginiana)*, St. John’s Wort Hydrosol Water (hypericum perforatum)*, Purified Water (aqua), Cucumber Hydrosol Water (cucumis sativus)*, Chamomile Flowers Hydrosol Water (matricaria chamomilla)*, Comfrey Hydrosol Water (symphytum officinale)*, Yarrow Hydrosol Water (achillea millefolium)*, Radish Root Ferment (leuconostoc)

      *Certified Organic

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    • Professional Advice

      “I have to say, for new mamas, Vajay Spray is the must-have product! After delivering your baby it helps with the healing so much down there. And it is so soothing too. I blended essential oil hydrosols based on ancient Native American healing wisdom, and threw in aloe and other soothing plants for relief as well. I used an entire bottle in my postpartum healing, and not a drop was wasted. But if you do happen to have extra, it doubles as a lovely face toner for your skin!” - Dani Kenney

    • Reviews

      1. Annabel — 17 June 2018


        Thanks Dani Kenney for making this wonderful product! Really soothing and a nice gentle way to ease recovery.

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