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Glasshouse x Alexa Coe - Smooth Lines, Smooth Curves Glasshouse x Alexa Coe - Smooth Lines, Smooth Curves

    Glasshouse x Alexa Coe - Smooth Lines, Smooth Curves

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      A classic nude inspired by the Sans [Ceuticals] Bio Active Body Exfoliant as part of our exclusive collaboration with London based illustrator Alexa Coe. A former Journal interviewee and friend of Glasshouse, Alexa has partnered with us to create a range of six illustrations that offer a unique and abstract interpretation of her favourite items from Glasshouse Shop. With simple and beautiful curves, a woman is reclined on her side enjoying the soft feeling of her skin. Drawn in Alexa’s signature charcoal on paper style. View the full range here.

      A3. Comes unframed.

    • Brand

      Contemporary artist and illustrator Alexa Coe is changing the way art sees nudity. For centuries the female form has been idolised in art, from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus to Picasso’s portraits of Marie Therese Walter, yet there is little that looks at femininity through the eyes of a woman. Alexa’s work primarily focuses on this notion. “As a woman, I obviously have a unique experience of the female form. I know it’s lines and curves more than anyone else and so I wanted to offer an alternative perspective” says Alexa. Though her portraits can be considered ‘sexual’ in some ways, there is a distinct difference between her work and the popular media’s portrayal of the female body. Using alternative angles and shapes, Alexa challenges women to take pleasure in their own bodies and celebrate the diversity of the female form.

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